Friday 21 July 2017

Pet Travel tips for Holidays/Vacations!

Travelling with a Bunny or a pet is not an easy thing to do,but with careful planing your trip can go so much more smoothly,The first thing you need to do is make a list of everything you need to take for your pets.
This is my mummy's list for me:
Play pen
Blankets and a sheet and clothes pegs
Litter tray and litter material
Big bag of hay
My pellet food
Salad greens
Food and water bowls
My Harness and leash
Pet Carrier
Stuff for Day trips:Beach Tent,Parasol,Windbreak
And she checks to see if she needs a fan in summer
Bunny First Aid kit
Telephone no. of the nearest Bunny vet at your destination.
Travel Insurance for your pet if needed.

Find the perfect pet friendly accommodation for you and your pet to stay in.Mummy normally takes us to stay in Holiday park Caravans as there is plenty of room and a kitchen for preparing my salads.She usually uses where you can book pet friendly caravans,lodges,boats or even cottages or .
She is also planing a camping trip when she has all the necessary stuff cause she says she doesn't rough it when she camps she calls it Glamping because she wants us all to be comfy with all the mod cons too!But with a good Search online there are plenty of pet friendly campsite, holiday parks, and hotels to suit all budgets and facility requirements.

You then need to plan and check the length of your journey.Take your time there's no rush to get where you are going when you have pets.Plan in lots of break stops for your pet so that they can have a drink,food and go to the toilet.Mummy only takes me on car journeys and she plans in pit stops as she calls them for around every hour to an hour and a half as she knows I get fidgety after that length of time.....Plus Mummy likes to drink lots of water her self so that means she needs to stop for her self too.For those of you who are travelling abroad,you need to check you have the right type of carrier for a plane or your pets has comfortable place in your car for ferry journeys
If your travelling abroad from the UK you will need to have a pet passport so make sure you have that in place and check any restrictions.Bunnies don't need a pet passport when travelling to the EU.Also Pets can't fly in to the UK in the cabin its not permitted but it is possible to fly to Paris and then travel across the channel.
For all you need to know on Pet Passports Click Here
Here are some other useful information links on travelling with your pets from or in other countries:

Finally when you get to your destination you need to set up their sleeping arrangements so tat they can settle in stress free while you unpack your cases.With all that done both you and your Bunny or pets can enjoy your holidays together and share some great memories!

This is only a few tips but with research and planing you can travel safely to suit the needs of you and your pets!So with the Summer Holidays here for most of us We wish you all safe but happy travels!


  1. This is great info to know! Thanks, Speedy!

  2. Oh Speedy, mummy is really prepared and is such a good mum. You are set for your excursions, no doubt! HUGS and wishes for more summer fun to come!

  3. You are such a great adventure bunny and your Mum sure is organized!

  4. If they leave town, I get boarded.

  5. Those are great tips, Speedy ! Purrs

  6. Safe travelling can take a lot of planning. I'm glad I'm a stay-at-home kitty.

  7. Great list and information.

  8. Speedy has a lesson for everyone!

  9. You have a great Mum Speedy who know how to organise nice and safe vacation for you and your family.

  10. Those are great tips! Very thorough! It takes quite a bit of work and planning to travel with a pet, but the fun and memories make it all worth the effort.

  11. Speedy, you are such a lucky bunny to be able to travel with your parents! Thanks for hopping on the Pet Parade this week!


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