Thursday 27 July 2017

We have a new visitor to our Garden....

Remember when we had Reggie the Hedgehog staying with us over the winter and Spring?And remember while mummy was away on her holidays uncle Colin the sitter was coming up to feed Reggie and then Reggie went off to pastures new and to look for the ladies a couple of days before mummy came home?

Well for the past few days a Hedgehog has been visiting our garden ,mummy and daddy have found its poops on the patio and under our carport up the side of our house so mummy has been leaving hedgehog biscuits/Kibble and meal worms and plenty of water on the patio under our garden furniture.

We don't know if its Reggie or if its a new hedgehog or if this visitor is nesting under the shed where Reggie was staying but mum did put fresh bedding under the shed just in case Reggie came back.So we are hoping this new Visitor will decide to make its home with us!Any way we will keep you up dated on this new visitor!
This is what a wild European Hedgehog looks like,as they are nocturnal its difficult to get photos so we borrowed this one from the interwebs.


  1. How cool that you have a new hedgehog visitor... or Reggie returning! I'm sure your human is making him feel most welcome.

  2. Ohhh, teeehhehheh what a darling little fellow! Well Speedy, I wonder, I JUST WONDER....could this new visitor be one of Reggie's children?

    1. Hehehe exciting isn't it Aunty Anita?xx Speedy

  3. By your poop shall ye be known.

  4. How very exciting! I can't wait to find out if it is Reggie or if it is one of his relatives or p[erhaps his wife...
    Love Barb

  5. lovely to have this new visitor!

  6. How cool to have that one there, Reggie or not!

  7. speedy !! dood.....we bet it IZ reggie N himz been a way on holiday N himz just now gettin bak home ! ☺☺♥♥

  8. Sweet. I kind of hope it's Reggie, but either way, it's nice of your mom to make a hedgehog hotel.

    Love and licks,

  9. Maybe Reggie has a playmate, or better yet, a girlfriend.

  10. Oh the suspense! Keep us up to date on it all Speedy!


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