Saturday 7 October 2017

Mickey the Hedgehog update

Hi everyone before we get on the Mickeys update I want to wish all my Canadian friends a Happy Thanks Giving,I hope you all get to feast on the good stuff what ever that is to you!

Ok now on to the business of Mickey's Update!Mummy set up the Webcam in the Greenhouse and got lots of footage so we will just show you some of it just so you can see what Mickey gets up to when he stays in the greenhouse....

Now Mickey does this little circuit all night long with a little exploring around the green house to leave a poop and a pee mail for mummy to clear up....

Seem Mickey also likes to scratch a lot so I'm guessing he has a flea or 2...

Then on Monday morning at around 4.45am mum caught this little snippit of Mickey deciding to go for a little walk about cause the weather had dried up you can see him checking to see if its dry on raining and then off he goes...

Mickey only went off for a short walk about and came back the next night for his ever we also got this on the webcam......

yes you saw right its a young rat....not a baby but not a fully grown adult either.Mum knew we had an extra guest but first thought it was a mouse because the droppings were so small,and it was leaving a little hoard of kibble under the shelving which she cleaned up every day but then the droppings got bigger and you can see this cheeky guy is going for the wet cat food and a few days of dinning out at the Hotel Speedy and its grown to big to be a mouse.....mum said she draws the line at rats so this fellow had to go!So she cleared out under the shed Reggie the old hedgehogs nest site and some other stuff out of the greenhouse and Dad did a lot of crashing about and did try to catch it but failed how ever since Mickey went walk about for 24 hours there has been no sign of the droppings and mum hasn't had to leave so much food for Mickey either because no uninvited guests have been paws crossed Mummy and Daddy have scared it off.....keep all your paws crossed other wise mummy will have to get a trap for it!


  1. That little interloper, stealing Mickey's food! I hope he is gone. It was fun watching Mickey on the cam.

  2. Mickey certainly tucks into his food. That is a cheeky rat to come and help himself too.

  3. WOW! It sure is nice to see Mickey like that, the rat not so much though!

  4. I could take care of dat rat for ya, BOL.

    Momma made me a dress wif hedgies on it dis week.

  5. We would be happy to take care of the rat for you.

  6. It's nice to see Mickey ! That little rat is really cheeky ! Purrs

  7. Yikes no wonder the food was moving. Hedgehogs are OK on this estate but rats are a definite NO. I like your walk this week, looks like Autumn has well and truly arrived.
    Toodle pip and purrs

  8. Come back Mickey!! Move on Ratty Rat....
    Grate moviess; wee had poppycorn an watched yur videoss Speedy.
    They cheered mee uppy sum!
    **paw patsss** Siddhartha Henry xXx

  9. It's fun to see Mickey, but we could do without the rat! Hope your mum & dad got rid of the interloper. :)

  10. I guess feeding Mickey would attract unwanted visitors like rats. I'm glad mom and dad seem to have been able to chase it off.


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