Sunday 8 October 2017

Sunday Selfies

Hi everyone!I hope you're having a great weekend shame it will soon be Monday morning.Anyway some more adventure stuff for you all!
Here's me in my New Carrier as we're about to set of for an adventure!Mummy and I really like this carrier so soon we will be ready for a review but for now here's my adventure!
Yes we are by the river again...I so miss the beach!

Mummy was trying to get some semi aerial shots not sure that they worked but they turned out nice enough!

And in case you missed Mickey the Hedgehogs Update take a look HERE!


  1. That looks like a great carrier, I'll look forward to your review. That's a great selfie too, Speedy.

  2. Speedy, how Eli & I enjoy your trips out! I can't wait till my boy is ready to help me get out to see what's outside! We do live near the mountains now!
    Your new carrier is very cool. You sit there like a proper gentleman, too!
    You really do love your adventures. Anyone can see that!
    God bless you, little guy.

  3. Luvley riversdie selfiess Speedy!!!
    ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

  4. What a fun adventure, S. And that carrier looks like a beauty!

    Love and licks,

  5. Speedy I love your adventures. You are the coolest Bun in the Universe. You wear that jacket very well, too. Nice carrier!

  6. The river looks pretty nice!

  7. Speedy, you always have such fun adventures!

  8. That's a neat place for an adventure selfie, Speedy. We know you miss the beach, but the river looks nice, too. :)

  9. I know you like the beach, Speedy, but the river seems pretty nice too!

  10. We love the last picture Speedy. The river and the trees .. so nice.
    You cannot always go to the beach.

    PS : We are sorry because we missed your birthday.

  11. Your mom got some beautiful photos of you by the river, Speedy.

  12. You always get to the best places, Speedy and you look so cute tooπŸ‡ Pawkisses for a Happy Week 😽❤😻

  13. Great photos, Speedy. Especially the last one! Lovely autumn pic!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  14. Wow that's a great looking carrier you have there! I bet you feel super safe and excited when you're in that..
    I wear my harness in the car when we go on trips and as soon as I get in the car I can barely contain my excitement!!
    And it looks like you had an amazing time Speedy!!
    Lots of licks, your good friend Morrie :)

  15. I love the aerial shots it gives another perspective on you!!

    Marjorie and the Dash Kitten Crew

  16. Gosh, I like both your jacket and your carrier. And I love seeing you out enjoying the sunshine. Let's get back to the beach!


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