Saturday 11 August 2018

Bunny in the Pocket T-Shirt

Finally Mummy is doing some work for me.....

As you know Mummy received this cute Bunny in the Pocket T-Shirt to test out from,After fully testing it She loves it!
She says the fit is perfect though she is glad she went up a size as it would have been a bit small so make sure you check their sizing chart and get the right measurements for you.
She loves the look of the little bunny popping its head out of the pocket!She also said the Material is really good quality and well made and most importantly washes up well.....She just needs to iron it so she can wear it again.
Mummy really recommends this T-Shirt for anyone who loves bunny stuff or even just wants a cut T-Shirt to wear its currently $19.95 Dollars on the website and comes in light pink or in white.They have lots of fun stuff in clothes,house hold stuff and jewelry .Also with free worldwide shipping and a free Bunny necklace if you spend over $45 dollars what's not to love?So hop on over to

Disclaimer: We were sent the T-Shirt free of charge and are being paid for our reviews.All opinions are honest and our own.


  1. That's so cute, and the shirt looks great too. :)

  2. I think Speedy agrees too.

    Nice t shirt

  3. SPEEDY BOY and mum, how are you two? I can tell by the photos that the shirt is of top quality and look at that bunny popping his head out of the pocket! Darling, just darling. I will go to the website! Last summer, I had discovered one of many wild rabbits a few streets over from my cottage. Our wild rabbits of course, are brown. Well, this one has a white back, brown head and paws! We have been seeing him again this year and we call him SIR ARTHUR, because the name of the street is Arthur. We noticed a baby bunny next to him/her, and we are calling him "Sherlock" or "Sherl" for short. LOL

  4. My peep has one of those with a Scottie. It gets a lot of positive comments.

  5. That is a really cute t-shirt!

  6. That t-shirt is really cute ! Purrs


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