Monday, 10 September 2018

Pirate Party Business! And a sad Farewell To Captain Basil!

Tis time to start Planing Me Annual Pirate Party and thee Best Dressed Pirate Competition for Celebrating when I became a Pirate and for Talk like a Pirate Day......Tis September 19th so make ready with ye costumes or come thee 19th ye be walking thee Plank for sure!Come ye Salty Sea Dog and ye Scurvy Kitties and thee Scallywag Bunnies and all manner of Pirates and Send in ye photos to me at [email protected] to win a share of me Treasure!

Tis With Great Sadness that we Say Farewell to a Fellow Captain....Captain Basil has Cross thee Rainbow Bridge to take Command of his on Ship to sail thee Heavens Above!Please make ye way to His Head Quarter to send ye well wishes to his Family BB HQ Announcement- Farewell Commander Basil 2002-2018

Our Hearts Joined the Thousand today for our Friend stopped running today!


  1. It sure is hard to believe pirate day is coming already. We sure were sad to hear about dear Basil.

  2. We hope our mom can get us ready for pirate day! We are beyond sad about Basil.

  3. We were very sad about losing Basil too. :-(

  4. Oh, dearest Captain Speedy, so sorry to hear your mate Captain Basil has turned to take the high seas but what a paradise he will find there. Looking forward to seeing more of your adventures!

  5. You are an awfully cute pirate
    Lily & Edward

  6. I was so sad to see that Basil had gone on to there Bridge, Speedy.

  7. We are sorry your friend has gone to the bridge.

  8. We can hardly believe it's almost Pirate Day, Speedy!

    We are so sad about Basil going to the Bridge.

  9. Well make it a special "For Basil" Pirate Day!! Shiver me timbers ...

  10. I am sad about Bionic is so very tragic.
    It just seems too many 4 leggeds are leaving these past 2 months.
    Not sure if BellaDharma will participate. She's coming along slowly....there has been progress.
    Speedy can you tell your Mum I won't be able to speak with her tomorrow....I'm sorry. Seems we will have to re-schedule again :(
    Much love to all, Sherri-Ellen x0x0


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