Sunday 2 September 2018

Sunday Selfies Catchup

Hi everyone ,its Sunday Selfies again so I thought this would be a good time to catch up seeing as I missed last weeks Sunday Selfies.
Last week mummy went off to visit her family in Holland where she also got to meet up with my Grandpaw ,her dad too.Of course daddy went too so this meant I had to go to a new sitters.I went to Noah's Ark Petcare Bunny Hotel ,where I had lots of fun.The very nice ladies took lots of photos and videos and posted them on there Facebook page so mummy and daddy could see how I was doing.
Here are the photos they posted....

my first night followed by the next day...

And here's My Selfie that the ladies asked me to take....
Next up is the links for the videos that the ladies posted on their Facebook page....
Speedy checking out the outside run!
Morning Speedy!
Lunchtime Alfresco!

Of course for the first time ever I had to punish Mummy and Daddy and I finally finished that on Friday after having a couple of adventures with them,heres one of them....

Today I'm Dedicating my post to my Buddy Purrince Siddhartha, you can see his last Selfie here with this Graphic from Aunty Ann over at Zoolarty


  1. Thank you for lightening our grief with your Bun Sitters lovely pictures. You are one handsome Bun you know.

    The Purina was a true gift to us all, and we realise his mum's loss.

  2. Thank you for lightening our grief with your Bun Sitters lovely pictures. You are one handsome Bun you know.

    The Purrince was a true gift to us all, and we realise his mum's loss.

    Thank your being such a good friend.

  3. Oh my, that new hotel looks wonderful! Very castle like too, I am rather envious as I bet that has a lot less maintenance than mine! MOL
    Yes I do declare after such an absence, an expedition out was rather great penance. Boy the skies seem to have changed and I guess autumn is here everywhere across the UK.
    Gentle purrs for Prince Siddhartha

  4. Your hotel looked very nice and I am glad you had a good stay there. I am very sad that Darth was called to Summerlands.

  5. Love your selfies. Hope you have a wonderful week.
    Sue B

  6. Those are terrific photos and a wonderful selfie too Speedy!

  7. It looks like you had wonderful Bunny sitters, Speedy ! We're glad your pawrents had great time with their family. We're very sad for our friend Siddhartha too. Purrs

  8. It looks like you had a nice time with the Bunny Sitters, Speedy! Great selfies, as always, too. :)

    We're so sad about our friend Siddhartha.

  9. You had a very "holiday" Speedy. This place looks a real nice one. Perfect for a bunny looking for a sitter.
    We are very sad because of Siddhartha Henri passing. We hope that his Mum is okay.

  10. Wow those were fantastic photos!
    Looks like you had fabulous Bunny sitters Speedy!!!
    We were also so sad to hear about Purrince, it never gets any easier to lose a friend.

  11. It sounds like you were treated very well at the pet sitter's, even if you did get mad at your humans for leaving you behind, Speedy!

  12. Speedy, that place where you stayed looks so nice! I'm going to check out the videos next.

    It was very nice of you to dedicate your post to sweet Purrince.

  13. Speedy, I have never seen a bunny with his eyes closed before until I saw your photos. You are sure cute when you are sleeping, but then again you are always a cute bun. It looks like you were the bun of your own castle when you were on vacation from your mum and dad. Purr purr purr.

  14. Your Selfies are always great, Speedy, but in this castle they turn out very Kingly❤Pawkisses for a Happy Day🐾😚😻

  15. Sweet Speedy you sure did have a wonderful time at the Bunny place!! I'm glad it went well for you & that the lovely ladies posted pix & videos of you for all of us to see. Me chuckled about you punishing Mum & Dad for leaving you; cheeky boy!
    Love all your selfies; you are SO photogenic. Thank you for dedicating your post to Purrince Siddhartha Henry. Seems like only yesterday you & he & Mick bunny went on your adventure....
    Lots of Love, Aunty Sherri-Ellen & angel P SH x0x0

  16. Wow - nice place! Good thing ou are not a Dutch Bunny - you would have gone to Holland.

  17. Speedy, it looks like you were staying in a luxury resort.


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