Friday 21 September 2018

Time To Vote For Ye Best Dressed Pirate!

Arrrrgh Tis Be Ye Cap'n Speedy of Thee SS Speedy!I here by Order Ye To Vote For Ye Best Dressed Pirate....Thee Winner Will Win a share Of me Treasure....Arrrghh Surely I be thee Best Cap'n of them all!
Ok Mummy had problems with getting a poll to work so we are Going back the the old fashioned way which is for you to say who is your Best Dressed Pirate in the comments below by quoting the Number allocated to each pirate you can also vote on my new Voting Facebook Event by liking the Entry. Voting will close on Saturday at Midnight and the winner will be Announced on my Sunday Selfies Post this Sunday!

1.Cap'n Prancie
2:Cap'n Clyde
3:Aunty Di's Pirate Boy
4:Cap'n Hook Paw Fin

5:Cap'n Hermann Wool Sock
6:Pirates Lucky and Mandi

7:Nellie's Crew Cap'n Marvelous and Ninja
8:Thee Overlook Twins
9:Cap'n Cathy Keisha
10:Cap'n Valentine and Princess Erin
11:Cap'n Terrible Ted
12:Cap'n Sam
13:The Lone Star Crew Cap'n Travis the Terribull,One Eyed Crocket Orange Beard,and Anchors Aweigh Angelique

14:The Westie Crew Cap'n Kinley,Furst Mate Finley the Fierce,and Barnacle Brinley

15:Cap'n Dante
16:Pirates Pierrot and Mermannie
Don't Forget you have until midnight on Saturday to vote and you can vote on my Face Book Event here by like the entry!

                                   GOOD LUCK TO MY PIRATES!


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