Wednesday 20 July 2016

Disapproving Bun Day!

Today we have a special guest star for Disapproving Bun Day its a Ginger wild cousin of mine all the way from Down Under in Australia and was sent in by Fozziemum.....
     " She's at it again isn't she....with the flashy box thing?!! "

Thanks for sending in this handsome fellow Aunty Bev!

We still need more photo's of your disapproving bunnies and my wild cousins so send them in to [email protected]

And for more disapproval hop on over to Disapproving Bun!


  1. Ginger is more than disapproving. She's mooning us.

  2. ~~~~~~ waves two ewe down under mizz dizz a proovin !!! ewe R one cute gal !! ♥♥♥

  3. Back turned - that is the way to say you aren't happy!

  4. Ginger certainly DOES look like she disapproves of that flashy box. Happy Wednesday, Speedy!

  5. Look at that cute rump
    Lily & Edward

  6. Sort of reverse disapproval. But I get the message.

  7. OH GOODNESS, what a darling wild bunny! Our wild bunnies are darker and have streaks of white! Hello little bunster! We have been counting at least 20 rabbits per morning as we go out to walk! Be well dearest friends!

  8. aawaw beautiful my friend! Happy Thursday - XOXO - Bacon

  9. Oh my mouses! That ginger bunny is the same colour as my sister Mason. You think they could be related? Even if Mason is a cat and that bunny is a bunny? Maybe VERY DISTANT cousins, or somethin' like that?


  10. Ginger Bunny iss so cute!!!
    Grate foto Aunty Bev....
    **paw patsss** to you Speedy....
    Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=


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