Friday 8 September 2017

Disaster preparedness for Pets......Are you ready?

Gosh its been an awful time in the US with the recent hit from Hurricane Harvey,Now Hurricane Irma is on its way having already hit the Caribbean and is being followed by Jose plus there is Katia over by Mexico.Mum said she has never heard of 3 hurricanes being in that area before all at the same time.So when The ASPCA asked if we could get this important message out we knew we had to say yes!
The ASPCA has been on the ground in Texas and these photo's show the hard work they have been doing there...for all the info on the work they have been doing,you can read it HERE

So with Irma on its way and soon to be followed by Jose I want you to ask yourselves are you ready for these Hurricanes?Are you prepared to keep you pets safe?The ASPCA have a Special App with all sorts of tips on how to be prepared for a disaster like this.
So I'm here to ask you if you feel you're not quite ready for a disaster then you should download the app and try it out,You can download the App HERE and the ASPCA want you to take the Pledge to get yourselves prepared which you can do HERE .The App will help with great tips and info in preparation for any disaster so you should check it out.

We Hope that all our friends stay safe through these awful hurricanes that are headed their way!


  1. Disaster? Our place is always a disaster. Our hearts go out to the animals affected, both wild and pets.

  2. Great message Speedy! We are as prepared as we can be here.

  3. The U.S. is a huge country - it's scary how much of it is having some sort of disaster going on - hurricanes in the southeast, and fires all over the west. It's worrying.

  4. My sweet friends, thank you for thinking of us. Though I am not in the hurricane's path, I fear for my friends out in Florida and for every inhabitant who has to evacuate. But where are they going, and with their pets, what are they to do? Thank you for sharing this. It broke my heart to see the people out in Texas, who have cattle and horses, try so hard to conserve what they had. Bless you dear Speedy and mummy. You are wonderful friends.

  5. Great post, Speedy ! We cross our paws for those who are on the path of Harvey and Irma. Purrs


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