Friday, 27 April 2012

Speedy and his sore feet

After Speedy spent some time this morning in his front garden nosing around dad came and got him saying"Speedy its lunch time"Speedy was wriggling is nose in anticipation of his lovely greens that mum had fixed up for him.So up he went to his pen and started munching away when Speedy had finished he felt a little sleepy so had a lovely little snooze.After a little while mum came and picked Speedy up saying"Come on sleepy head it time for you to play again so out to the front garden Speedy went.Then dad took Speedy down to the bottom garden saying to Speedy"looks like we might have shower so you can play down here and if it rains you can pop into the shed till it stops that way you'll stay nice and dry".Then after a long time the sun came out so mum and dad checked Speedy's feet and said"it looks like the fur is growing back a little we'll open the gate and you can have a short run around out here before diner"And with that Speedy lept up in the air with glee and did lots of binkies too....Yippee!


  1. does speedy have sore hock? he's a lucky boy to have playtime outside. Maybe Umbra will get to explore the outdoors some this summer.

  2. Holy smokes! Speedy is one cutie-patootie! What fun to have playtime outside like that. My 2 buns have their own 'room' that I'm currently bunny-proofing! Nice to meetcha, speedyrabbit! *waves* : )

  3. Replies
    1. Same here. Hoping his feet heal up and aren't sore much longer. I love checking out the adventures of Speedy. Speedy and his family are so cool! Hope you all have a bunderful day!
      Mary Ellen

  4. TAke care of the feet! Hopping is too much fun to be sffering!

  5. Awww you guys you're all so sweet,but being the adventurous bun that I am I wore the fur down on a single toe on each of my back feet with all running around that I like to do but mum and dad spotted it before it could get too sore so restricted where I could run by fencing off some ares of the garden to keep me off the concrete but I shall plan my escape soon!

  6. Feet are so important! When my Jamal and Cooper came to live with me, they had horrible, sore feet because they had lived on wires. Now, their feet are all furry and padded with fuz, the way a bun's feet should be. I'm glad that if you had to have sore feet, it was because of too much fun, not bad living quarters. You are too precious, Speedy! Much love to you! - Luna's Mommy

    1. Well your buns are very to have a forever home with you.snuggles to you and Luna and however big a gang you have.Speedy

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