Sunday 15 April 2012

Speedy's sore foot problem solved?

Today Mum and Dad put up fence around the front garden to stop me running up and down the drive between the front and back gardens.I love running a round but it seems that I have been running round on the concrete to much that I have started to wear off the fur of my back feet.So Mum and Dad locked me in down in the bottom garden which has a gate but I was very unhappy with that so I would just sit in the shed. Anyway I had fun running around this afternoon in the front garden which is my favourite.They still have the new gate to finish and a bit more log edging to put around the fence to make it look nice and to stop me from being an escape bunny,but i shall still try to find away out cause its fun and I really do like running around all over the place.So we shall see if the new fence keeps me in..heeheehee...


  1. I give him two minutes to figure it out and two days to start wanting to actually do something about it. ;)

  2. Just don't be getting lost in the big big world there, Speedy.

  3. Stop trying to escape Speedy. You have a nice place to stay.

  4. that fence looks like it just might do the trick. If it makes your feet feel better Speedy, then you might just want to stay in :)


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