Friday 13 April 2012

Speedy and Dad at lunch!

Dad gave Speedy his lunch today and thought it would be fun to give Speedy a workout!But Speedy is a little fed up today as he couldn't run around all over the garden today.He's been running around having so much fun,going from the front garden to the back garden that he's wore all the fur off one back toe and you can see the pink pad so he was shut in the bottom garden were there is only grass to run on.But Speedy was so fed up that he just sat inside the shed instead.So this afternoon I played with him in the kitchen instead which made him feel a little better but he's still fed up but what can we do?Some how I don't think he would wear shoes.

"Come on Speedy"
"Up you get"

"Good boy Speedy"
Speedy is unimpressed!


  1. Hmmmm, perhaps some old towels or sheets could be laid down on any particularly rough patches to protect Speedy's feet. You could also put up some cardboard or cat tunnels in the bottom garden to inspire him to run through them.

  2. I just love Speedy!!! What a cute bunny!


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