Wednesday 4 April 2012

Speedy on the weather!

Its official I don't like rain!Today is Horrible its cold with hailstones rain its like winter again!So mum don't put out to play cause I don't like it.I only like warm sunny days so that I can run about all day long.I love to binky about to show how nice it is,then go on adventures all over the place and then come back and jump on mum to show her I'm back!But this wet stuff is just not nice so mum please keep me in till it's all gone and nice!Mum say's" don't worry Speedy I don't like this weather either so we'll play in the kitchen and cuddle up in bed till this horrible weather is gone!"


  1. Stay warm Speedy! Hope the weather cooperates with you soon!

  2. plus you don't want to get your white fur dirty!


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