Saturday 6 June 2015

Adopt a Shelter Cat Month in the USA!

This Month is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month in the US and when the ASPCA asked me to Highlight this campaign we knew we had to hop right in and help out.

 June is National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month and the ASPCA is encouraging folks to consider adopting one of the 3.4 million cats that enter shelters each year. A new survey of American adults shows that a majority of cat owners believe that cats are intelligent (77%) and independent (71%), which confirms what many of us already know – cats are smart animals that make excellent companions.
 we are joining forces with Animal Planet and Jackson Galaxy to host a social media contest celebrating shelter cats. By sharing their cutest or silliest cat photos using the hashtag #MyRescueCat and signing an adoption pledge, folks will be entered for the chance to have their photo featured on the My Cat From Hell season finale June 13. Cat lovers can enter the contest at
 Pet Lovers will also have the chance to help their local shelter this June through the #Litter4kitties contest, where the ASPCA and will give away 10,000 pounds of Fresh Step cat litter to shelters, with one grand prize shelter receiving 5,000 lbs. and five runners-up receiving 1,000 lbs. each. Visit to nominate your local shelter. This will be for US Shelters only.

Remember its not just Cats that need to be adopted there are allsorts of pets out there in shelters and rescues the need loving homes from cats to dogs to rabbits and other small animals.So remember when you decide to add a little furry friend to you family Please Adopt rather than buy!


  1. I hope LOTS of U.S. kitties get adopted this month!

  2. Bless their sweet hearts...I hope many good peeps will consider this because there ARE too many sweet creatures without love. Oh the thought of it makes me sad and sick! I am so happy that you have given Speedy such a great home. He is one loved rabbit, by MANY! Have a sensational day out there today, you two! LOVE

  3. It's good that you mention the possibility to adopt rabbits etc in a shelter. Not many people know this.

  4. I hope for a lot of adiption and it would be great if all animals in need would find a furever home... paws crossed for a lot of happy cats who find their new home in june :o)
    easy rider

  5. That sounds like a most wonderful event Speedy!

  6. We would but not with a bird and 2 rescue dogs. The dogs might be OK with a cat, but we've lost a bird to a cat years ago.

  7. Mom always wishes she could take every buddy home
    Lily & Edward

  8. Mommy has trouble NOT bringing every Dog, Cat, Bunny and Ferret home when she goes to the Animal Shelters.

  9. In the shelter where Vaks came from, there are dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and rats, all searching for a new home. Eventually they will get one.

    Laika & Vaks

  10. I'm glad I adopted my kitty <3


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