Friday 12 June 2015

This one is for our Aussie friends,But great tips for anyone moving home with their pets!

We were recently contacted by an agent working with Taylor's Relocations asking us to share this great infographic with great tips on moving home with pets,so of course we said yes.Taylor's Relocations are based in Australia so this one is for our pals over their,but the tips are great for anyone anywhere who are moving home and to make the transition easier for their pets!

If you are moving home between Adelaide and Melbourne why don't you move with a team that knows your pets are important to you!

To see the infographic in full page click this link


  1. Moving from Melbourne to Adelaide? I get nervous when my cage gets moved to the next room for cleaning of my regular room.

  2. We've never had to move, but the cats before us did. Great infographic!

  3. Grate movin tips there Speedy an Lady Rachel>>> mee onlee moved frum Hepworth to Owen Sound an LadyMum made sure mee was comfy an calm an mee had all mee purrsonal fingss with mee. Mee was not stressed out one bit. Mind you the hole move was 25 minutes, mew mew mew...
    Mee has nevurr moved FAR away.... ;)
    ***nose kissess*** Sidhdartha Henry an LadyMum :)

  4. Speedy this is GRRRRREAT Info fur Every Country... not just Down Under...

  5. Mommy and Daddy will be moving next year some time and they're really worried about me 'cause by then I'll probably be totally blind. This will be a challenge for everyone. But I know my pawrents will make it a fun time for us pups.

  6. Hey Speedy!
    Lots of great hints there! Did yous knows mes has moved 7 times with Mommy an Daddy? (And that does not count all the trips between Calgary and Midway).
    And yous knows, wes had 3 infor graphics sent from England (in the last 3 weeks).
    And yous gets one from Australia! Goes figures!

  7. Super good information for those moving to a new home Speedy!

    Hugs, Sammy

  8. Good morning precious Speedy! This is very important information because pets suffer so much stress just like their owners when one moves! Oh Speedy, you should see the beaches we are at. I photographed some ground squirrels yesterday that you would have loved! One literally posed for me! teeeheheeee

    Much love

  9. Are you moving to Australia Speedy? Should we warn them ahead of time?

  10. Great infograohic!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!


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