Sunday 27 April 2014

Pet compatibility Match up with Hollywood Pyschics Review

A few weeks ago we were contacted to have a free reading with,I have seen a couple of other blogs try this out so I thought why not just for fun,well to start out the first attempt to have a chat with Nancy was a fail as some thing came up which made me late and then I had problems login in for the chat,then the second attempt went wrong to as the login in problems happened again some kind of technical problem,and Finally on the third attempt we managed to have the chat with Nancy her name on the web site is Jackie.So here is how it went.

Nancy: Hi Rachel,We finally got to connect.Its so nice to Meet you.
Me: Hi Nancy, yes finally,nice to meet you too.
Nancy: I have been looking at Speedy and I have to tell you he is adorable.
Me: Hahahaha yes he is.
Nancy: What part of England do you live in:
Me: Devon.
Nancy: OK,I was in Cobam for 2 years living there.
Me: Oh not sure where that is.
Nancy: I have to ask how old Speedy is.
Me He was 2 in October.
Nancy: Its in Surrey south of London.
            Here are some things which I picked up on about Speedy.......
            He is the king of his Realm,he loves life and is very adventuress,He loves nature and the outdoors
            And he would prefer not to be held.
            Is he around other rabbits?
Me: Oh he loves his cuddles,He's an only rabbit.
Nancy: I see... One other thing I do see is how close he is to you.You are very gentle,you could tame a lion               with your bare hands.
Me: Hahaha that's what my dad says too.
Nancy: Do you have any concerns or questions you would like to ask?
Me: Not really I have never done this before,so its kind of go with the flow.
Nancy: OK,let me ask you does Speedy get to go out side?
Me: Yes he does.
Nancy: I know he loves that....Does he sometimes have a mind of his own?
Me: yes he does.. and Always.
Nancy: I feel he likes being a rabbit but he almost looks at you as his mother,would you agree?
Me: Yes he's my baby.
Nancy: I know the two of you have a special bond,but is there anyone else in Speedy's Life?
Me: My Hubby,his dad.
Nancy: OK, as I did pick up on a male figure and I feel he likes him but not the same as you.
Me: That's what Hubby says too.
Nancy: fact Speedy may ask for more attention when he's around.
Me: Oh yes.
Nancy: I keep seeing beautiful flowers around you and Speedy,Do you have a garden?
Me: Yes we do.
I did see Speedy dressed up as a pirate,and I have to tell you that was adorable.
Me: hahahaha it suits him.
Nancy: Yes it does,and I get the feeling that a book about Speedy would be very popular.Have you thought             about that?
Me: I have but it takes time and then getting people interested in it.
Nancy: Yes but do think about it dear as I feel it could be profitable for you down the road.I see you have                your own business?
Me: Hmm maybe I will,yes its just a side line.
Nancy: The cards are very cute.
Me: Thanks its just a hobby really.
Nancy: I also pick up on another rabbit in your past was there one?
Me: There have been two.
Nancy: That makes sense then as I got the Empress which means the mother and it has a 3 on it.
            What were their names?
Me: Caramel was the 1st and Thumper was the 2nd.
Nancy: Oh....and how long did they live for dear?
Me: Caramel 6 1/2 and Thumper 8 1/2.
Nancy: I imagine it was like losing a child?
Me: Yes,feels like I'm dying with them every time.
Nancy: I know how hard that is...but what I want you to know is that you did your best for them,and I feel               you are a very spiritual person and you know they are ok now.Speedy is very healthy and I would                 not doubt if he live's to be in his teens.
Me: I know, they were sick,they are in a better place now and one day I will see them again.He is now.
Nancy: Yes you will see them again and I feel they are just fine,no sickness.
Me: They are having lots of adventures,I have no doubt of that.
Nancy: Oh yes Thumper holds a special place in your heart,I know that.
Me : Yes but they both do as with their dad too.

It was there we got cut off short so we never got to finish properly which was a shame but these things happen.So what did I think about the reading.....
I think there was a lot Nancy got from Speedy's blog and a couple of things she didn't hit the nail on the head quite right,like with Speedy not liking to be held ,he does like it and his cuddles but when he has had enough he lets you know so maybe she was picking up on that.and then there was the bit about my first two rabbits and she kept saying that there was a special place in my heart for Thumper and while that is true Caramel was my first true love for a rabbit as a pet...he picked me and we fell in love and when he died it was in my arms and I truly felt like I was dying too,he was my baby as I had him before me and the hubby started to live together and while he took to my hubby he was still always mine where as with Thumper it was the other way round he was more for hubby than me but we both picked Thumper,and yes we did develop a wonderful bond but that was over a long time.The bonds that Speedy has with us are different dad and his boy ,and mum and her boy so those relationship will be different.Now the intriguing things...she said I was very gentle and could tame a lion with my bare hands,that is something similar to what my dad always says and I have always been able to get animals to come to me and get close too them including wild animals,now that is something that is not in Speedy's blog,another intriguing thing is how long she feels Speedy will be with us a prediction ?Maybe we will find out one day and the other thing was the writing a book about Speedy another prediction?Maybe who know as I have only ever written short stories about him so that is another one to look out for in the future and the other intriguing thing was the Empress card with the 3 on it but does that mean I will only have those 3 bunnies in my life?That is something I would have liked to ask.Over all it was a good experience and it must have been hard for her to read me as most people find it hard till they get to know me as I can be quite guarded and short with my conversation with Strangers.So would I do this again? I don't know Maybe,maybe not.....I think these things should be done light hearted and shouldn't be taken too seriously.


  1. Good afternoon my friends! Well I think that it's "in the cards" for Speedy to be loved; he is a natural charmer and such a cuddle-bug, and it's evident that the love you give to a peep or a fur friend always comes back to reward you. I would LOVE to see Capt'n Speedy have a book about his life and adventures on the high seas of LIFE! What a fun read that would be with super duper pictures and even illustrations of him. Wishing you all a cozy and beautiful day! XOXOXOO Auntie Anita

    1. Hahaha trust you to make us laugh Anita,and Yes you are right SPeedy is a natural charmer and Cuddle-bug,Bless you Auntie Anita,maybe one day there will be a book on Speedy only time will see,xx Rachel and Speedy

  2. Hmm, interesting!
    I was contacted by the same people. They said I should be getting an email to set a time to chat, but haven't heard back yet.
    Not to sure what to say about it all. Cool how she said the thing about the lion taming though.
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  3. Sounds like a lighthearted fun conversation!

  4. What an interesting reading! My human is even harder to read than you are - psychics have a really tough time with her! But I'm glad this gave you a chance to tell us a little bit about the buns who came before.

    1. Thank you Sparkle,I have told Caramel's Story but I have yet to do Thumpers ,but I will,xx Rachel

  5. Mum sayz she iz bery skepteekall of deze animal whispurrerz...n she agreez wif ya to keep as litehearted fun n nott bee too sirius!
    WE DOEZ agree ya shuud rite a book about Speedy fer shure Miss Rachel...oh yah!!!
    Peeple LUB n adore speedy n ya n it wuud be a hit all over da werld we finkz!
    Just fink ya cuud bee like Miss Pam (Sammy) n Miss Louise (Bailey Boatkat).
    How kewl wuud DAT bee??? ;)
    Lub lub lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum too xoxoxoxoxo

    1. Hahaha sweet Nylablue and Sherri-Ellen,May be there will be a book only time will tell,this was good fun though,xx Rachel

  6. FYI, the Empress card is a all about abundance and creativity.

    1. Is it ?I don't know much about Tarot cards,that give's a different perspective,Thank you,xx Rachel

  7. This was fun to read. I love this kinda stuff.

  8. Hi, Rachel, I loved reading about your psychic adventure. No reading could do justice to you and Speedy. Sadly, I did relate to the Tech troubles. My guy, did what you said,to do, but he tells me that the problem also involves Google's deciding that Earthlink has sent too much spam. Very odd, but they will either work it out or I have to start shopping for another carrier. I got your second wonderful card, and it started me wondering if you get the replies I send using the e-card's reply link. Anyway, carrier pigeon it is! GF assures me that ornithoids will always come through for you - almost as good as magic closets. Thanks for checking up on me. Please give the unreadable Cheeky One a kiss from me while you are holding him. Peace, Love, and Blessings, BSAJ

    1. Hi Jane,Thank you,no I think youre right about the reading,and I knew you would relate to the Tech troubles,I think you could be right about the spam thing.I do get the replies to the cards that I sent you,may be shopping isn't such a bad Idea,kisses given,hugs,xx LS Rachel and SPeedy

    2. Well, Rachel, last night I replied to your latest e-mail and sent it off like I thought you would get it. I am such a dope. Anyway, in the e-mail I thanked you for your good heart, your kindness toward all Speedy's aunties, and explained I was looking into carrier pigeons for our go betweens. It was GF's suggestion, but now I think he has a start up company in mind. Love you, BSAJ

    3. don't worry things will get sorted,xx Rachel

  9. I don't know about the pet psychic.... I'm a skeptic. But I would love a Speedy book! He's a natural celebrity. :)
    XOXO Meaghan and Scarlett

    1. I'm a on the fence kinda girl when it comes to this sort of thing ,and as for a book,we'll see,xx Rachel

  10. Thanks so much for sharing.

  11. Mom had a "reading" for Astrid. She won it on another blog. She has this four-page document of the "conversation" with Astrid. She hasn't posted about it, but she will someday.We agree...a book about Speedy would be great. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    1. I'd like to read yours some day,as for a book maybe one day,xx Rachel

  12. We think that is great and a bit of fun. Wow a book would be splendid. We enjoyed this post. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  13. Indeed keep it light and go with the flow Speedy...I think all animal lovers have the ability to connect with their pets...we have mostly lost our ability to use our senses unlike our furry friends ..we should listen to them more :) hugs to you Speedy and Rachel..Fozziemum x

    1. Yes you are right,we should listen to our furry friends more,xx Rachel

  14. Interesting - very interesting. We were contacted as well. We have not been contacted with a date/time for the actual reading yet. It should be neat to see what is 'picked' up. We are kind of on the fence with it. We truly believe there are some people that are touched with that kind of blessing. We shall see. XOXO - Bacon

    1. Hahaha,I hope you have fun with it too.I'm on the fence like you too,but this was fun,xx Rachel

  15. That was very interesting. I think I would of wanted it light hearted too. Not sure how much I believe in readings but; fun to hear what others have got out of them. I am a guarded type of person too. I bet a Speedy book would be cute.
    Sue B

    1. Yes you can't be to serious about these things,xx Rachel

  16. I agree! It was something fun and different but definitely lighthearted :-)

  17. so odd, her questions were totally leading, I've had a couple of different people 'read' my cats, some were like this one, leading and horribly vague and not helpful in the least, but I've had a few that were pretty spot on.. One told me that Jack likes to pee under the tree - which made no sense to either of us since I already told her he was an indoor kitty, but I have a mural in my bathroom that has a palm tree in it..

    1. It would have been different if I did ask some stuff to but I didn't know what to ask,xx Rachel

  18. Hmm interesting. I did one of these but don't think the psychic had visited my blog. It does sound like she was getting a lot off of your blog to me too. All in good fun though!

    1. Yes it was and thats the main thing,xx Rachel

  19. It was interesting to read the chat. And I would like to read a book about Speedy, there are so much dog- or cat books , but one about a housebunny would be great!

    1. well maybe I will do one,thanks Easy,xx Rachel


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