Friday 4 April 2014

Rabbit Awareness Week - 10th to 18th May Guest post by Justine Quirk

With Rabbit Awareness Week coming up we were asked if we would have a guest post from Support Adoption For Pets a charity that supports rescues and shelters in the UK.
This has Been written by Justine Quirk(Fundraising and communications coordinator at SAFP).

Rabbit Awareness Week - 10th to 18th May.

Rabbit Awareness Week(RAW for short) is taking place 10th to 18th May 2014.The event aims to highlight the ever increasing issue of neglect which is suffered by many pet rabbits across the UK.Support Adoption For Pets have over 350 small adoption centres.Adoption centres can be found in most of the Pets At Home stores across the UK,each of which will feed them,and keep them warm and safe,provide fresh bedding and give veterinary treatment for each small animal that comes in.

It is a common misconception that Rabbits are a cheap alternative to other animals.Rabbits really do have complex needs,which Rabbit Awareness Week aims to make clear.Those who are considering re-homing a rabbit,or indeed those that already have them as a pet,should make sure that they are aware of all the lengths that owners need to go to so as to ensure that their rabbit is living in a great home.

According to RAW ,there are 5 main welfare areas of which rabbit owners need to be aware.These are as follows:
. Environment
. Behaviour
. Diet
. Company
. Health

Their Environment
It is vitally important that rabbits are able to stretch their legs!Rabbit Hutches should really be attached to a larger run or exercise area,in order to give your bunny freedom to move around and exercise.Lots of bedding should be provided in the bedroom area to keep them warm at night,and you should make sure that the hutch provides adequate protection from extreme weather.
Their Behaviour
It's commonly assumed that rabbits are no hassle to look after and care for,however they really require a lot more attention than many people realise.It is recommended that you try to create  a "wild" environment for your rabbit to live in.For example,tunnels,tree stumps,twigs and digging boxes are great to create a realistic "wild" environment,This can help to keep you rabbit happy and healthy.
Their Diet
It is recommended that you feed each rabbit a)its own body size of good quality hay each day b)around one handful of suitable fresh greens each morning and evening and c) a table spoon of commercial rabbit nuggets once every day.Please note that rabbit muesli should not be fed under any circumstances as this has been linked to dental disease in rabbits.
Their Company
Rabbits are naturally social animals!For this reason,just keeping one rabbit is highly discouraged - and ideally,rabbits should live in pairs or groups.Its is also important that you neuter your rabbits,in order to prevent unwanted kittens and to prevent uterine cancer in female rabbits.
Their Health
It is important for rabbit owners to be aware of the common health problems that might affect your rabbit,to ensure that you are able to identify if your rabbit is suffering,as it is a lot easier to treat or even avoid problems if they are identified early.Rabbit owners should make sure to research into flystrike,fleas,lice,E.Cuniculi,myxomatosis and VHD,in order to understand the implications of each and how to prevent it.

If you would be interested in re-homing a rabbit,why not find out more about the rescue centres near you at Support Adoption For Pets.


  1. This is such great information that has been very helpful in making our decision to NOT have a bunny. We love them too much to ever pose a risk to them of not being cared for properly, since we are very busy teachers with limited space and very harsh winters. Oh thank you so much for making this public!

  2. Great info! I enjoy learning more about our furry bunny furiends!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  3. Very important post, especially with Easter coming up. The zoo has 3 Flemish rabbits (gorgeous) for school programs; they all were pets that proved too much for their owners. Sad, really, but they are cared for like royalty at the zoo.

    1. it is very important,its good that they are safe,xx Speedy

  4. Great information and we did not realise it was rabbit awareness week coming soon. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. neither did we till we were ask to do this,xx Speedy

  5. This is portent stuff cause people buy rabbits not knowing anything about them
    Lily & Edward

  6. Thanks for a great post. I'm sad when I hear Rabbits are "cheap" pets or pets for beginners ( and if they are bored they can dump it). Also some vets treat small animals like rabbits and guinea pigs badly sometimes. They are not just "any" pets we can "replace" with another one, they are friends and deserve our attention like dogs, cats, horses and all other pets.

  7. That was really good information and I hope everyone pays attention!

  8. It's so hard for me to fathom people bringing home a pet without being properly informed ahead of time - but they do it all the time! Thanks so much for helping bunnies by educating humans!

  9. excellent informative post, thanks

  10. Great post and info to share Speedy! I think the number one reason we saw sick rabbits at the vet's office was improper care at home, but just because owners were unaware.

  11. Great info and so important. I just cringe when I see people get rabbits as pets at this time of year or for their kids and even worse when pet stores sell them.

  12. dood...grate post....veree good for thoz considerin adoptin a bunnee.....N we sure dinna noe ewe eated that much hay, we all ways thinked it wuz mor greenz, less hay...

    hope ewe haza grate week oh end !!!

  13. Thank your for sharing this important information on your blog Speedy! It's very important that people understand the specific needs of a bunny when considering making them a part of the family.

  14. EEoww Speedy grrreat post about basick Bunneh care!! All too offen me n Mum heer of Bunnehz who are let go outside to fend fer demselvez or end up at da lockal shelter abandoned!!!
    It iz scarey to bee a Bunneh at diz time of yeer me finkz!
    Bye da way; sum of me bestie furendz are Bunnehz....just like ya!
    Much lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum too xoxoxoxo

  15. That is a lot of important information and people should get all the facts before getting any pet.

  16. So pawsome that you guys get to participate in this!! Good for you for posting about this, there are too many stories of bunnies left outside unsupervised, bunnies abandoned in homes, and more things I hate reading about. I sign petitions to save animals like bunnies all the time. Its so horrible what some people can even bear to do.
    Have a pawsome rabbit awareness week!
    ❀Siamese Smothers and Tuxie Tickles❀ from Mikko and Jax at Happiness is Siamese!

  17. Great post, Speedy and Mom! It's also very important to find a vet who is familiar with treating bunnies. This is especially since bunnies are pretty fragile in that by the time they show signs of trouble, the window to get them diagnosed and given the right treatment is pretty small.

  18. Great post Speedy...all small companion animals are treated the same way and it is truly very sad...all creatures great and small have needs and specific behaviours that need to be taken into account when you get them..small does not mean less.Hugs Fozziemum xx

  19. Great post... Not only it provides us in depth information about bunnies and how to take care of them but it shows that you are truly engaged with Rabbit Awareness Week.
    Keep it up with the interesting posts.
    Best wishes to Rachel & Speedy from Aquileana :)

  20. Amazing post, I never tried feeding my pet rabbit with hay though. I'm constantly feeding him with any root vegetable like carrots and etc. Great post! Keep it up.


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