Thursday 17 August 2017

Speedy Review Sansbug Pop up Mosquito Net tent

Hello and welcome to another Speedy review.We was sent a Sansbug Pop up Mosquito net tent to do a review and see how it would work as a pop up play pen for Speedy.You can purchase the Sansbug pop up tent from Amazon there are 3 options available in this size tent:

1 person poly floor Sansbug pop up tent

1 person tarp floor Sansbug pop up tent

1 person all mesh poly floor Sansbug pop up tent

These are also available on Amazon in the US you can click here to see the options available

here is a demo video on how to use the tent with a direct Youtube link here

It was very easy to erect and to fold down again.I like the carry bag as it has straps that you can use to carry on your back ,its also very light weight so all this makes it easy to transport.It measures 86" x 39" x 35" and folds down to 26" disc for the storage bag.

We used is a few times on trips to the beach and in the garden to get Speedy used to the tent
And while he would go inside to investigate the tent he wouldn't stay inside for long
And every time I zipped the tent up with him inside he would try to chew his way out.I'm afraid the Speedy is a chewer and can get grumpy easily.He just wasn't having him self enclosed in side the tent.
So as a pop up play pen for Speedy this was a fail for him as I think that he is to old to start using something like this as a play pen and coupled with the fact that he chews and destroys things when he is in a bad temper it just doesn't work.We are planing a camping trip at some point so this will be great to put his metal play pen inside to keep it bug free so this will be very useful then And then we will do another review on how that trip went.

To sum this Pop up tent from Sansbug as a pop up play pen......

1:The tent can provide a safe play area outdoors so that your pet doesn't feel left out when you are in the garden,on your deck or at a nice picnic spot.
2: It can keep them away from the Christmas tree and presents and keep them safe when you're doing home renovations.
3:It can provide your pet with a stress free environment over the Christmas and holiday periods or when you have guest,by keeping the separated from unwanted petting and unfamiliar guests.
4:It can prevent your pet from spraying and scratching in a hotel room when you are travelling with your pet.
5:For cats and puppies I would say that this would be great to use as a play pen and as safe way to keep them safe and being used as a way to introduce a new pet in to the home.I also thing it would be good with Guinea pigs and pet hedgehogs as an actual playpen to be able to stretch their legs without getting in to mischief.With Rabbits yes I do think it can work if your rabbit isn't a big chewer like Speedy or if you use it with a young rabbit so that they get used to it from a young age.

I would not recommend leaving your pet unattended in the tent or use it for nervous pets as the mesh is fine and can tear easily

And I will certainly try this tent with any future bunnies and I look forward to trying it on our camping trip to keep Speedy's play pen bug free.

Disclaimer: We wasn't paid for this review.We was sent a free tent to trial with Speedy and all opinions are our own.


  1. I am used to having my cat show enclosure and staying in it for long periods, so something like this would probably work for me.

  2. Oh, well, at least you tried it. But I could see Speedy or any other smart bunny trying to chew his way out! HI, SPEEDY!

  3. Yay Speedy, mew got your Sansbug tent dude!

    Pawesome review dude!

    Big hugs

    Basil & Co xox

  4. Speedy you are a smart guy who don't like to feel like a prisoner !
    But don't chew it. It's a nice enclosure.

  5. Well, it sounded like a good idea Speedy!

  6. Speedy, come see the bunny I put in my bloggie and tell me what kind of bunny he is please...

    Good meowing!!

  7. Thank you for the kind words left on our bloggie:)

    NukNuk & Timber

  8. Mee-you that iss sum tent there Speedy!! Mee likes thee idea inn theerey butt wood not want to bee 'innside' fur long either...
    Mee needs a nettin walkin jackit so thee Moss-quitoess do not try to bite mee! Mee has 3 bitess on mee face an look a bit scruffy!
    Mee hopess they go away soon....
    ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xXx

  9. Oh, I likes it! Nows, I find it hard to believes that YOU, my handsome furiend, have a TEMPER! NO! hehehe Me too..shhhhh, don't tells anyone....
    Ruby ♥

  10. But it keeps the bugs away!!!!

  11. I wonder if I would like it? And thank you for the answer as to what kind of Bunny mommy enjoyed so much.

  12. Speedy, I'm shocked to hear that you had a bad temper. Then again, if I were trapped in a mesh tent, I'd get a bit testy too! Mom thinks this could be a good hamster play area but we'd still have to watch out for chewing & escaping through holes.

  13. Well, even though it didn't exactly work as planned, Speedy, it is a great idea. But no mosquitoes and such does sound awesome. :)

  14. Sounds like a good solution. Put the crate in the tent fur shade and to be bug free.


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