Friday 4 December 2020

Speedy's Annual Christmas and Holiday Countdown Day 4!

 Hi Everybody......Do you realize that there is only 20 Sleeps till Christmas? How Exciting is THAT?!!! 

So Much to do and so little time to do it all....Gosh how will we manage to get it all done?

But Remember I can't do this without you because Christmas Events and places to see are very thin on the Ground this year due to the Pandemic....a lot has been cancelled which is very sad but our peeps safety comes first....SO I REALLY NEED YOU and your photo's this year more than ever!!!

So I need you all to send in your Photo's of you with your trees, in your Christmas outfits, anything to do with the Holiday Season no matter what you Celebrate! Then I will pick my Favourite 3 after my final post on Christmas Day and they will get a little gift for the Holiday in the new year!

So The rules are simple your photos have to be in by 5am on Christmas Morning UK time to be included for the give away!

How Easy is that? I will be doing a post every day right up to the final post on Christmas Day and then I will go over the the photos to Pick my Favourite 3! Isn't that COOL? Email them into me at [email protected]

You can also enter via my Facebook Event here as all photos entered will be posted there too!

So Are you ready for a fun entry today? I know I am....mum keeps Chuckling every time she looks at these two hehehe. Anyway here are Elsa and Storming Norman from Tails around the Ranch.....

Isn't that Reindeer cute too? Anyway can you believe that this happened Today?!!

Can you Believe it Snow in our neck of the woods in the beginning of December? Its very weird that's all I can say! Anyway I sent Mum out to take these before all of the snow Melted.

Don't for get to come back tomorrow for the next day in my countdown!


  1. the rudol is amazing... what a big guy! and you have snow? ooooh wow!!!

  2. speedy...dood !! awesum Christmas contest fotoz two day ... ☺☺

    N wow...ewe haz snowz two....tell mum ta let ewe go out & N joy a wee bit oh snowz....kinda like a snowz cone :)

    de furst foto mum taked lookin down de lane iz AWESUM bye da way !!! happee week end :) ☺☺♥♥

  3. Very cute. The snow is so pretty.

  4. Those are fun photos but that snow looks cold!

  5. Wow! My human doesn't have much hope... but every winter, she kind of wishes we would get JUST a little snow.

  6. I am so late! What sweet creatures...they are ready for Santa Paws!

  7. Getting snow at anytime here is weird. We've only had it once in the 20 years we've been in Arizona.


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