Tuesday 1 December 2020

Welcome to The 1st Day of December and My Annual Christmas and Holiday Countdown

 Here We Go...Its |Time to launch My Annual Christmas and Holiday Countdown, so I need you all to send in your Photo's of you with your trees, in your Christmas outfits, anything to do with the Holiday Season no matter what you Celebrate! Then I will pick my Favourite 3 after my final post on Christmas Day and they will get a little gift for the Holiday in the new year!

So The rules are simple your photos have to be in by 5am on Christmas Morning UK time to be included for the give away!

How Easy is that? I will be doing a post every day right up to the final post on Christmas Day and then I will go over the the photos to Pick my Favourite 3! Isn't that COOL? Email them into me at [email protected]

You can also enter via my Facebook Event here as all photos entered will be posted there too!

Any way here I am at one of our Local Garden Centers they only had half the Christmas stuff up so we will be going back!

Now Don't forget to Come back tomorrow for my Next Post! See you then!


  1. What a purrty store, wishing we had one like that to stroll about in! Lucky bunny!
    BTW, my name is June (I am new here, well my predesessors have visited you, but not me)
    so happy to meet you Speedy!

  2. So pretty. Love seeing your photos.

  3. No sense decorating when you can invite others to see it.

    1. Well we always Decorate and it's just Mum, Dad and me. And all of blogville gets to see and enjoy it.Just enjoy the pleasure of how pretty it looks,xx Speedy

  4. speedy...dood.....wavez two ewe buddy...we hope ewe N joyed de stor....lookz awesum :) we iz holly day bear heer...noe decor iz up N clothez iz upon uz...de food servizz gurl izza butt azz....most lee thatz why !! ;) ♥♥☺☺

  5. Those are great photos. You look like a Bun with a mission Speedy!

  6. I love looking at all the fun decorations! My human would go crazy shopping.

  7. Oh wow, all the decorations sure look pretty, Speedy!

  8. Oh I'm one day late!!! Looking a lot like the season is here, no matter what! ENJOY!

  9. What an amazing store ! There are so many pretty decorations ! Purrs

  10. That would be a fantastic place to shop for Christmas decorations.

  11. Gorgeous decorations!!

    The Florida Furkids


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