Sunday 16 December 2018

Day 16 of my Christmas and Holiday Countdown!

Its Sunday the 16th of December ,we're 16 days into my countdown and it's Sunday Selfies too!We have a big post today so we had better get on with the show.We have Q tip and Felix with their Christmas Blanket lined crib....
Then we have Harvey the Bunny....he's dressed up as Santa Bunny!
Then we have our Weimaraners with there DIY Tree Thinging as they call it....

We think its Pretty Cool!So Yesterday I went on a Christmas adventure to a local Garden centre ......

Now some more Photos from my Adventure...

Now for some Selfies of Me...

and an Usies of me,mummy and daddy's finger...
Do you See Santa behind me in his sleigh?Now Mummy has been waiting for some ink for the printer to turn up so she could do my Christmas Memorial Wall!
Starting With mummys first 2 bunnies Caramel the Lop and Thumper the Black and white Dutch we then have The House Rabbits Buns, Weasley Bun, Mr Mick Bun, Harrington Bun ,my Girl Maddy, My Girl Nellie Bellie, Nylablue, Siddhartha, Kitties Flynn and Eric, Sparkle Cat, Bionic Basil, Carma Poodale, Easy weimaraner, Sammy the Spoiled cat, Dennis the Vizsla, Bluey Bunny and Oscar Bunny.All my Blogging pals the have gone here to enjoy a bit of Christmas with me ,we still have a couple more to add but they will get done in the week.And the Card count will be updated tomorrow.

Now don't forget you still have time to join in my countdown.Everyday there will be a Christmas and Holiday post and I want you to join in the fun by sending in your photos of your furry friends with your Christmas trees and decorations,Your Menorahs and any other Holiday that is happening.You can even wear your Christmas costume and Hats or holiday wear.You need to send them in to my mum at [email protected] or you can post them straight here at Speedy's Annual Christmas and Holiday Countdown Facebook Event .You know the drill by now because those of you that send in your photos will be entered into my giveaway where my favourite 3 entries will get a gift sent out after the Holidays to keep the Holiday Cheer going a bit longer!So make sure you join in!!!!!ALL ENTRIES NEED TO BE SENT BY THE TIME MUMMY TURNS ON THE PC AT 5AM CHRISTMAS MORNING UK TIME!!!!!


  1. Oh Speedy, I love your new Christmas jumper and your new photo of you in it! What a precious sight it must have been for all the people to see YOU at the fair! Lovely lights my sweet little Speedy!

  2. What an awesome visit you guys had–so many lights and fun things to see. Those reindeer do look a bit worrying though the snow scenes look as though would be great fun to play in–when all those Santa's weren't watching! MOL
    Toodle pips

  3. I loved seeing more of your adventure, Speedy - you were such a good boy!

  4. Speedy, you look adorable and cosy in your Christmas jumper and Harvey makes a wonderful Santa bunny

  5. We sure enjoyed seeing your adventure Speedy!

  6. That is an amazing adventure Speedy - you look snuggly warm and stylish in your holiday outfit.

  7. Speedy that was such a festive and fun post! Wish I could meet you and your pretty mama in person. Love your Santa crib and the DIY "tree thingy" and the videos and photos!

  8. Wow, Speedy that looks like such a fun adventure and all the great Christmas stuff. You all have a very Merry Christmsas.

  9. OMBunny.....What a great adventure you had and all in one day! You are a very lucky bunny! :)

  10. Charlee: "We aren't too sure about that Santa guy, Speedy."
    Chaplin: "He hangs around with a polar bear!"
    Charlee: "We love your Memorial Wall, though. It's good to remember our friends who have gone away over the Rainbow Bridge."
    Chaplin: "We're very happy to see our brother Dennis the Vizsla there, hat and all."
    Charlee: "He really knew how to rock the fedora!"
    Chaplin: "Isn't that a song?"
    Charlee: "No, that was 'Rock the Casbah'."
    Chaplin: "Is the Casbah a hat?"
    Charlee: "I'm getting you a dictionary for Christmas."

  11. Gosh! What a great garden centre! We gotta tell you, even though we have not been commenting, we have stopped by to see all the wonderful Christmas! It makes our heart sing!

  12. What festive fotos! Now we’re really getting into the Christmas spirit!

  13. Such nice Christmas photos. XO

  14. Wow, Speedy, that was a super adventure, pal! That is so awesome, and of course everyone loved seeing you.

  15. Speedy, that was the best ever visit I would guess! I loved being taken along on it via these wonderful photos and videos. XXX

  16. Wowy Speedy you had some bright adventures with your mum and dad. That looks like the biggest garden center EVER! I luv your up close portrait, 'cause it shows off the pretty red and pink color of your eyes. Those are moms fav colors. -Valentine (& Mom Kerry) of Noir Kitty Mews

  17. Glad you are enjoying your adventures, Speedy!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie


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