Monday 17 December 2018

Day 17 of my Christmas and Holiday Countdown!

OMB Can you Believe that Christmas Day is only next week!!!!I'm so excited I could Binky all over the world!Well I guess I had better get on with the Show!
Today we have BellaDarma's from the Perfect pad 1st Christmas Display....
BellaDarma is doing well with her 1st Christmas isn't she?Well mummy decided to alter the stair case decorations so here it is....

Now onto the Card Count I now have 8 paper cards....
and now I have 20 Ecards with these 3 new ones
and Mummy has now 12 Paper Card!
Now don't forget you still have time to join in my countdown.Everyday there will be a Christmas and Holiday post and I want you to join in the fun by sending in your photos of your furry friends with your Christmas trees and decorations,Your Menorahs and any other Holiday that is happening.You can even wear your Christmas costume and Hats or holiday wear.You need to send them in to my mum at [email protected] or you can post them straight here at Speedy's Annual Christmas and Holiday Countdown Facebook Event .You know the drill by now because those of you that send in your photos will be entered into my giveaway where my favourite 3 entries will get a gift sent out after the Holidays to keep the Holiday Cheer going a bit longer!So make sure you join in!!!!!ALL ENTRIES NEED TO BE SENT BY THE TIME MUMMY TURNS ON THE PC AT 5AM CHRISTMAS MORNING UK TIME!!!!!


  1. That Grinch seems to be around a lot at Christmas time. Even thought he looks cross, I think he has a soft spot in his heart for doggies and pets of all kinds. Mom and Dad plan to go see his movie next weekend. Hugs.

  2. Everything looks so nice. Lots of nice cards.
    Sue B

  3. The countdown is FUN!!! Oh Speedy, hugs to you!


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