Saturday 8 December 2018

Day 8 of My Christmas and Holiday Countdown!

Woohoo another day Closer to Christmas Day....This is so Exciting!Details of how to join in my Countdown are at the bottom of this Post,But for now its time to get on with Today's Post.We have 2 great entries we have Bentley from the Barking Bayou....
And This cutie pie Felicity sent in by her Mummy Susan...
Pawsome entries aren't they?Now on to the card Count, I Have 3 Paper cards....
and I have 9 Ecards......
and of course 1 present so far.....Mummy has just 3 paper cards
Now don't forget you still have time to join in my countdown.Everyday there will be a Christmas and Holiday post and I want you to join in the fun by sending in your photos of your furry friends with your Christmas trees and decorations,Your Menorahs and any other Holiday that is happening.You can even wear your Christmas costume and Hats or holiday wear.You need to send them in to my mum at [email protected] or you can post them straight here at Speedy's Annual Christmas and Holiday Countdown Facebook Event .You know the drill by now because those of you that send in your photos will be entered into my giveaway where my favourite 3 entries will get a gift sent out after the Holidays to keep the Holiday Cheer going a bit longer!So make sure you join in!!!!!


  1. We are low on our paper cards too right now, we have just a little more than you...I am waiting for my stamps to be delivered (I ordered some online)...have to go and get my International stamps too! My cards are all set to be mailed if the darned stamps would just get here!! Love Bentley's Mama's tree soooo much!! xoxo

  2. Those were really good and Bentley sure looks cool!

  3. You're widening the card gap between you and mum.

  4. THAT BASSET HOUND sitting on his haunches, that is TOO FUNNY!!!!!!

  5. That photo of Bentley really made us smile. Good job on all those cards, Speedy!

  6. Charlee: "It's been our experience that humans never win the card race when they compete with a pet!"
    Chaplin: "Yet they keep trying. So persistent, those humans!"
    Charlee: "It's kind of cute, really."


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