Wednesday 2 December 2015

Speedy's Christmas Countdown December 2nd

OMB its the Second Day of My countdown and I have some exciting news our real tree arrived today and it's up and ready to decorate.....hehehe mum has some major work to do now to get everything ready!

Now lets get on with the Countdown!Today's entries are from Doc and his mum Fozziemum
Hehehe I had such a giggle with this one.....and the next is from Angel and Bluey and were sent in by their Mama.
Don't forget you can see all the entries and more on my Facebook event plus you can post your entries or send them to [email protected] ,remember the entries must be in by the time my mum gets up on Christmas morning....don't forget she's an early riser(5am approx).So get your trees and dec's up and take those photo's with you in them too if possible if not no worries!

Now here's some more from the Christmas Fair that mummy went to!

See you all tomorrow for the next day of my Countdown!


  1. I love the bunnies under the tree! How cute are they???

  2. Great pics today, Speedy! We are definitely getting into the spirit at our house by looking at your photos.

  3. Those are sure some pretty ones Speedy!

  4. We should have left last year's decorations up then we'd have no work to do now.

  5. Love the adorable buns under the tree! So cute.

  6. Cute pictures. Pretty tree.
    Sue B

  7. Can't ELF myself.... THAT is sooooooo funny... and what is a tree withOUT a BUNNY or TWO under it???

    Love this addition of your count down, Speedy!!!

  8. Angel and Bluey are adorable.

  9. Oh dear, I am late! LOOK AT THOSE BUNSTERS under the tree! teeeheheheeee

    Oh Santa Speedy, that Christmas fair mum went to is MAGICAL! Enjoy yourself little man, and I will be back later for your next post!

  10. Snorts with piggy laughter - LOVING these my friend. XOXO - Bacon

  11. Angel an Bluey bunnies ae so sweet an make thee tree complete!!!
    An Doc'ss foto made uss laff an mee-yow out loud!!! ;)
    **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum xxxx


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