Monday, 11 December 2017

Speedy's Christmas and Holiday Countdown 11th December!

Wow its day 11 of my countdown already that means 14 days to go till Christmas Day!We have 2 new entries for you to enjoy,the 1st is from Hailey and Zaphod with their Hanukkah tree plus they sent in a photo of their Christmas tree too....
Then we have Valentine with his snazzy red Christmas tree...

Now time for the Card Count, I still have 7 paper cards
and I have one more E-card making the total 10 from the Tabbies of Trout Town
And mummy still has her 3 paper cards..
Some how I don't think mummy will catch up now!

Now don't forget there is plenty of time to enter my Count down by sending your photo's of you and you decorations to [email protected] or by posting them straight to my Facebook event here! All entries will be posted both here and on my Fcaebook event and will run everyday with the final post on Christmas Day!And my Favourite 3 will get a surprise gift after the main day to carry on the holiday spirit.....cause no one wants it to end do they?


  1. Very nice trees! And we furry folks always seem to be more popular than our hoomins, don't we?

  2. Mew mew mew that card an poe-em frum Thee Tabbiess O'Trout Towne was heelareeuss Speedy!!!! They are so-o funny!!
    An yur thee King of Cardss deer furend. Hailey & Zaphod look kewl with their treess an Valentine lookss furabuluss bye thee Red tree!
    **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  3. Those were all good and fun too!

  4. Everybody looking mighty festive - good work!

  5. A Meowy Christmas? That sounds like something from SQUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWKy Claws.

  6. Those are some beautiful trees. I really like Valentine's photo!

  7. Goodness! Hailey and Phod's tree is upside down! And Valentine's Red Tree is beautiful!
    And Mr Speedy, I am so furry happy that you too are winning the card race.
    Nellie sends you many kisses

  8. It's always more fun to celebrate with furiends, isn't it Speedy!

  9. We love seeing our friends Hailey & Phod, both so handsome!
    And of course, having a fondness for "himmies 'n' persians" we think Valentine is veryvery bootiful! Loving the Christmas count-down!


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