Tuesday 19 June 2012

"Here comes the sun" sings Speedy

"Here comes the sun...tralalaa!" Sings  Speedy in glee! And off he went around the garden zooming here there and every where!


  1. Look at all that wood to chew! Quit running around and get to work Speedy!

  2. Here comes the Bun...tralalaa
    Go, Speedy, Go!

  3. it wednesday 20th at 4.20pm and guess what?Here comes the rain lalala!

  4. Hi Speedy! I'm new and reading through your blog and I was just wonderfully amazed that you seem to have free run of the outdoors. I have owned two rabbits in my life time and I was always fearful of letting them outside because I didn't have a rabbit friendly area for them. I bet you really love your outside time.


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