Wednesday 6 June 2012

Happy Birthday Karen from Rabbits eat quilts

Weasley's mum had her birthday yesterday!? Exclaimed Speedy and she was 50! wow! we should throw her a party!


  1. That was MY expression, Speedy, when she tried to claim she'd just turned 50! I didn't believe her, either!

  2. Looks like you had a fun time with all of those paper balls, Speedy! Fun party! :) I left her a Happy Birthday message and read about her fun experience with the mountain! Have great day, Speedy!

  3. OMG - I don't know if you are supposed to report a woman's age are you? But then you are Speedy - cheeky and all that!

  4. Yay for birthday parties! I'm sure you and the other buns in the bunny blog world can come up with a great party, Speedy--vetter get your "magic closet" ready! :)

  5. Speeders, you have the most guilty and surprised expression on you mug! What did you get caught doing??????

    1. bitting the carpet,no I just caught him right with the camera so I thought it would be perfect for this post,Speedy's Mum

  6. Oh, Speedy! Thank you so much, you little sweetie! You can party with us anytime. Especially if I can rub that cute nose of yours. And RG, it's all good. I reported it first.

  7. Just thought I would put Lorna's comment on for her a there has been a blogger blip again:
    That was MY expression,Speedy,when she'd tried to claim she just turned 50!I didn't belive her,either!


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