Sunday 17 June 2012

Hoppy Daddy Bunday!

Mum why are there flags on my pen?Said Speedy when mum put the flags up and she replied" Because its Fathers Day today "Speedy went quiet as he was thinking about this piece of news and then said" Is this for dad too? "mum tickled Speedy saying" Yes Speedy he is your dad,He's a Bun Dad! "Speedy squirmed and giggled because mum was still tickling him and then sat up tall looking at the flags and shouted" HOPPY DADDY BUNDAY!YIPPEE!

Mum tells Speedy its Fathers day


  1. When all the festivities are over for the day, you should see if you can hop right over those flags. Bet you can. Bet you're a super hopper! purrs

  2. Oh, Speedy, I have had too much cake and too much of my mother's pasta salad. I am stuffed and need a nap. Being that you are a soft velvety rex, can I come by and snuggle with you for a nap?

    1. come on over for a snuggle,but I might jump on you later..teehee!

  3. Thank you one and all - and you Speedy. I've had a dandy day.

  4. Speedy those flags are great and so are YOU!

  5. What a great decorating idea, Speedy, for Hoppy Daddy Bunday!

  6. I love that Speedy's space is always decorated.

  7. awww yay, Speedy! I had to tell the ducks to be nice to Daddy on Father's Day, they were in an especially grumpy mood!


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