Saturday 17 December 2016

December 17th Day 17 of my Christmas and Holiday Countdown and a Reggie the Hedgehog Update.

OMB 17 days in to my Countdown!I hope you have been enjoying it...I know we have been enjoying bringing it to you all!So today we are showing some of the best Christmas Ice Rinks of the season starting with London...
This on is at the Natural History Museum in London...
And this one is at Somerset House in London next we have some in the USA...
This one is in Beavers Creek ,Colorado...
This one is in Philadelphia the Blue Cross River...
This is the Wollman in the New York.... now some for Europe...
This one is in Bruges in Belgium....
This one of course is in Paris,France...
This one is at Cologne in Germany....
Sorry if I haven't posted one in your country or near where you live But there are so many across the globe,that I could never post them all!

Now you still have time to enter my Countdown all you need to do is send in your photo's of your Christmas Trees and Decorations or your Hanukkah themed photo's or seasonal holiday decoration photo's with you in them if you can and email the to [email protected] or post them on my Facebook event which is in 2 parts: Event part 1 here and Event part 2 here ! You have till 5am UK time on Christmas Morning to get you entries in as that is when Mummy turns the PC on....yes she is an early riser!All entries will be posted here and on the FB events......And remember My favorite 3 will win a surprise gift to carry on the holiday spirit a bit longer!

Now for a little Reggie the Hedgehog Update!
Well last week Reggie slept in one night but then woke up the next night and has been chowing down ever since till last night,Last night he slept in so we will see if he/she wakes up tonight to chow down or if he/she decides to sleep in again.Don't worry we will keep you posted on that!


  1. My human was always terrible at ice skating - she was one of those sad people clinging to the side of the rink, trying desperately not to fall down or bump into someone else and make them fall down! The rinks sure look festive, though - from a distance.

  2. Speedy, What gorgeous photos and places for skating. We have a tiny outdoor rink that is open for the second year, nothing as grand as these. Thanks for sharing them. So beautiful! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  3. The ice rink in Belgium is beautiful. Thanks for taking us on such a pretty tour of those ice rinks.

  4. Those are sure pretty places Speedy! I'm glad to hear that Reggie is chowing down!

  5. I love the different ice rinks, I would love to be able to skate on them. I'm glad Reggie is still doing good. Thanks for the updates.

  6. Those are some great skating rinks, Speedy.

  7. Thank goodness Reggie sounds healthy and hungry! GOOD SIGNS! Oh Santa Speedy, look at all the lights! And you will have a great view of the lit up sky and map of the world when you get into your sleigh and traverse the world. Come to my house, Santa Speedy, I'll have bunny milk and cookies for you!

  8. Those are lovely looking ice rinks. I am glad Reggie is doing well. He is probably confused with it being very cold one day then mild the next.

  9. Love seeing your photos. Thanks for sharing.
    Sue B

  10. We have outdoor skating rinks in Arizona. They're called "swimming pools".

  11. Luvley skatin rinks Aunty Rachel.....wee have a nice rink inn Harrison Park here....
    An wee iss glad Reggie iss doin so well. Hee/shee came to thee rite place!
    ***paw kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

  12. Keeping our paws crossed for Reggie!


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