Friday 2 December 2016

December 2nd Day 2 of my Christmas and Holiday Countdown

Hi everyone!It's day 2 of my Christmas and Holiday Countdown so here is today's entry it's from the Buns in the Sun.....

Christmas Bunnies Yay!We love Christmas Bunnies! Anyway mummy has finally finish the big tree.....

 And she went to a local garden centre and saw some fun Christmas Displays!
Don't forget you have plenty of time to join in my Countdown by either emailing your photo's of yourselves with your trees and decorations to [email protected] or at my Facebook Event by 5am Christmas Morning UK time cause that is when mummy puts the pc on Christmas day!
Remember My Favourite 3 will win a surprise christmas gift to be sent after the big day to carry on the holiday Spirit!


  1. WOW the Buns in the Sun have a BEAUTIFUL Christmas Display...

    We would NOT want to subject OUR decorations with the rest of Blogville.. it is Bad enough that WE have to endure the snow freak onslaught.

  2. Those adorable buns! Your tree is gorgeous, Speedy, not that we didn't think your Mom would create anything less. Beautiful displays at your garden centre!

  3. Everything is so festive and beautiful.
    Sue B

  4. Now if we could just get Misty to sit under the tree, we would have our shot for you, but she just wants to find out what all those pretty balls are doing stuck on the tree:)

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  5. Very festive d├ęcor, Speedy! Love seeing all the displays and happy pets enjoying the season♥
    We put on our holiday hats and sent you some FB pics!

    Wyatt and Tegan

  6. I can't compete with that. I could throw a few feathers around but it wouldn't come close to that.

  7. Santa Speedy! HELLO! I love all the photos, but that first one is so precious with the little bunny under the tree. I can't tell if it's a REAL bunny or, you know....a (a stuffed bunny with a fur collar!) SO DARLING!

  8. Gosh! What cuties thise bunnies is! And That creche is beauteous!
    Your Nellie Bellie


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