Thursday 8 December 2016

December 8th Day 8 of my Christmas and Holiday Countdown!

Wow we are 8 days into my countdown....Are you excited for Santa Paws Yet?So Today we are talking Mummy's Christmas cake!Every year mummy bakes and decorates the Christmas Cake!Some of you have asked if mummy has done her cake yet ......well it's Baked and marzipanned and ready for the icing and decorating so to get you in the mood for the final reveal here are the cakes from the past....

2012 Christmas Cake

2013 Christmas Cake

2014 Christmas Cake

2015 Christmas Cake

And for those who want mummy's Recipe just click the link here to mummy's first Christmas cake!
And as soon as mummy has decorated this year's cake you will all get the first look here so watch this space!

Now don't forget you have till 5am Christmas morning UK time to either email your photo's of your trees and decorations with you in them to [email protected] or you can post them to my Facebook event which will be in 2 parts as mummy made a booboo with the finish dates.....silly mummy.Remember my favourite 3 will win a surprize gift after the big day to carry on the holiday spirit!


  1. Wow, your human makes some really fancy decorated cakes! They're all awesome!

  2. We love your Mom's cakes, they are decorated beautifully. We especially like the one with the poinsettia and the holly.

    We saw there was a pet food recall on rabbit pellets, we shared the info on our facebook page. Just wanted to give you a heads up in case it was the kind you ate.

  3. Speedy, your Mum makes real beautiful Christmas cakes !
    I sure that they also taste good. I enjoy testing sweet food. As I am a cat I am not supposed to do it... but, anyway, I love sweet food.

  4. Did you make that little Speedy decoration? The cakes are awesome.

  5. Good looking cake but I'm certain that it contains sugar.

  6. Such gorgeous cakes! Mes bests they was delishious!
    Mes hoped that nobody eated the mini Speedy though.
    BTW, wes gotted a REAL Christmas Card in our mailbox from yous today! Mes hopes that mine to you is not late. Sigh! Canada Post is furry S L O W
    Thanks Yous so furry much!
    It will goes up when wes finishes moving.
    Many kisses
    Your Nellie Bellie

  7. They're all so creative and cute. I think I remember the one with the little ice rink.

  8. Your mom is so talented. Those cakes are beautiful.
    Sue B

  9. Those sure are all pretty cakes and I bet they were darn yummy too!

  10. Aunty Rachel yur simple amazin!!!!
    What gorgeeuss cakess you made!
    ~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~

  11. OHHHHHH you are making me want a piece right now! I can tell A LOT of work goes into these. I love how you do the "snow" and all. They all look incredibly delicious! I am going to check out that recipe, even if I don't love to bake! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  12. Oh my bun! Those cakes are wonderful!!!! Have you made any other 'seasonal' cakes?


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